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About Ingo Maurer

Quirky. Exceptional. Awe-inspiring. Different people would have different opinions about Ingo Maurer creations. Frankly speaking, his products are a beautiful combination of these elements. They make you uncomfortable because of the bizarre design. And comfortable at the same time because of the familiarity of the materials and objects. They make you want to stay. And sometimes you just have the urge to leave, to escape the mundanity of life and seek something greater, something as marvelous as Ingo Maurer creations. They evoke a myriad of complex emotions in the beholders, who cannot help but question the ideal of beauty.

Ingo Maurer is now one of the world’s leading figures in the field of lighting designs. He is always fascinated by the most ordinary objects in everyday life and constantly experiments with new ideas. Indeed, his curiosity about the world around him, combined with the relentless pursuit of the innovative, are the key to his success.

Ingo Maurer also belongs to our FVA Collection. Check out the entire FVA collection for more inspiration for the interior design of your home or office.

Featured products

Here are some of his remarkable products. Not only inspiring for aspiring designers but also Instagram-worthy, aren’t they?

The golden ribbon

This floating ribbon sculpture is one of the most coveted pieces of Ingo Maurer. Its unique, majestic shape is one of the kind. It is truly an art masterpiece that brings more than just illumination. 


In this family, the exterior is usually aluminium silver. On the other hand, there is much more flexibility when it comes to the interior design. It comes in fluorescent pink, orange, red or green matt lacquer. These giant pendant lights create a focal point for any interior. Their shiny, silver exterior matches any space and add a luxurious touch. Meanwhile, the bold and vibrant interior of the doom induces certain effects, depending on the color.

Zettel’s z

Stainless steel, heat-resistant satin-frosted glass, Japanese paper hanging on the air. Only the whimsical mind of Ingo Maurer would think of using paper for lighting. What is unique about this product is it comes with blank sheets of paper for your creativity to run wild. Sketch something that strikes your fancy, jot down a motivational quote or a line from your favorite song – the possibilities are endless. The point is to create, to make it yours, to make it an authentic expression of yourself.


The free spirit of an incredible mind unafraid of challenging the norms and seeking new standards of aesthetics is captured in these stunning birds. The pair of metal goose feather wings adds a playful animalistic quality to the otherwise ordinary, spiritless light bulb.







Photography credit: Ingo Maurer


Romain DUVAL