The Alba Spa Hotel is located in the heart of Hue City, the capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945). While times have changed, Hue has not, and its rich history is everywhere apparent — from the ancient walls of the city’s tombs and temples and iconic Citadel, to the distinct flavor of the city’s regally inspired cuisine.


Alba Spa Hotel


Open Asia

Total area

1800 sqm

The Alba Spa Hotel is a boutique hotel which captures the “sense of place” philosophy. Interior spaces inspire the local topography and culture merging the crystal blue of Pacific Ocean with the vastness of alluvial soils.

The lobby is highlighted with a waterways pattern on the floor and a simple curved reception desk. Soft tonal color inspired by the textural essence of mineral water is balanced by bursts of brown from natural wood and greens from tropical plants. We worked with the specialist in spa & wellness to re-built completely the spa area.

The design leads visitors from the dark reception corridor to the treatment room where the soft glow of light gently removes the outside world, layer by layer, to transform the mind and body. We have paid special attention to the layout in order to have a private experience, leading to an unexplored sense of relaxation and well being.

The design of the interior encourages a free flow of movement between key living zones, promoting an easy, relaxed experience. A palette of regional wood, stone, and textiles combines with carvings by local craftspeople is used in rooms interior to celebrate local resources and traditions. All in all, the Alba Spa Hotel is a fine place for wellness and relaxation.