This is our distinct residence in Tay Ho District, which makes a striking impression by its ideal location – 15 minutes from the city centre, 30 minutes from the airport, breathtaking views over the West Lake and tranquil asmosphere out of a hurried pace of life.



Residence 40 Xuan Dieu



Total area

1224 sqm

How The Project Was Received

The prominent state-of-the-art style of 40 Xuan Dieu can be outstandingly noticed through the modern overview design as well as impressive interior decorator. Materials used for the construction were meticulously taken into consideration before being chosen, hence the quality and the aestheicism are both at the most quintessential level.

For being a corner of serenity separating from the hustle life circle, the architecture makes the best use of surrounding green spaces and be friendly close to the wonderful nature.

All in all, with 40 Xuan Dieu, new design brings new enjoyment of a perfect living space ever!