88 Lounge project is considered as the brainchild of the FVA’s board of directors. Having passion for wine, FVA’s BOD desires to bring wine culture to the heart of Hanoi.


88 Lounge



Total area

600 sqm

How The Project Was Received

FVA’s idea is to create a space for wine lovers, wine enthusiasts, the architectural interface between oriental culture and traditional French country style. From the initial idea, the architects chose characterized materials of Vietnam for 88 Lounge such as ceiling tiles, concrete, metal. These are simply, traditional materials that Vietnamese seldom used to design restaurant’s projects or modern architecture. But FVA has succeeded in transforming the simple things to become more refined and novel. 88 Lounge with the straight-line structures, concrete and brick ceiling, long tables and chairs are arranged across 4 floors, creating a cozy and comfortable space.