Spaces Hennessy stands proud in the middle of the buzzing Wai Chai area. A long with its great accessibility, Spaces Hennessy provides matching conveniences and co-working experience from within. As interior designers for the place, FVA is glad to see the place working well and trusted by local freelancers and startups.


Spaces Hennessy Road



Total area

1348 sqm

How The Project Was Received

One thing we’d have to admit, Spaces Hennessy was not exactly a joy to work on. The assigned building lies in a crowded part of the city with perhaps too many neighboring areas and uneven buildings. This leads to two daunting challenges: How do we make the place stand out in such a bustling area? And how do we get enough natural light if we are being surrounded from all directions?

First thing first, the state of the building when we receive it was not ideal. There were many things to work on, and we decided that we would retain some of the walls and exposed raw materials as a design feature. It gives Spaces Hennessy a rustic look that is not present in most contemporary-styled Spaces projects.

Spaces Hennessy follows certain guideline from Spaces such as the Fresh color palette for a more relaxed, content vibe along with natural materials such as oak veneer wood. We could go on and on about the benefits of natural materials but let’s keep things simple by saying they are good for our mental health in general.

Furnitures are selected according to the Fresh color palette. They lean towards a minimalist look with clean cut edges and rounded corners. As a result, we created friendly and inviting areas by using items from esteemed providers such as Alki, Hay, and Viccarbe.

Another special to the space is the low back meeting booths. As the area of the co-working area was rather limited, at about 200 sqm, the low back meeting booths should make the area seems more spacious while not blocking any precious natural light.

In a nutshell, one could say Spaces Hennessy is a fine blend of an industrial building and modern, youthful features of contemporary style. Something new to the pack.