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A Breath Of Fresh Air Is Needed

A breath of fresh air is needed now more than ever. According to the survey conducted by Gensler, 72% of the people feel that air pollution is the issue that affects their daily life the most. This comes as no surprise because air pollution is associated with more than 7 million deaths every year. Moreover, air pollution also affects climate change, water cycle as well as energy and food production.
The air pollution situation in Viet Nam is rather alarming. Persistent air pollution in Viet Nam’s cities is a serious health and environmental hazard that needs to be tackled urgently. The most noticeable culprit is the staggering number of motorbikes on the road every day. The smoke and dust from the traffic is really killing the fresh air in these cities.

Indoor Pollution

Outdoor pollution is not our sole concern. Indoor pollution is a threat lurking at every corner of our home. Indoor pollution results from human activities and materials used for construction and furnishings. The most common source of indoor pollution is the use of open fires, unsafe fuels or combustion of biomass fuels, coal and kerosene. To compound the problem, gas stoves or wood-burning units with poor ventilation and maintenance can increase the concentration of the pollutants. In addition, many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are present in our homes. Their sources are diverse, ranging from building materials such as paint to home care products such as air fresheners. Homes with poor ventilation will prevent fresh air to circulate while encouraging these pollutants to accumulate in unhealthy concentrations.

The effects of indoor air pollution range from short-term effects – eye and throat irritation – to long-term effects –impairment of pulmonary function and even cancer. In fact, exposure to high levels of some pollutants, such as CO, can even lead to immediate death.

A Breath Of Fresh Air To Design

To curb indoor air pollution, we ought to introduce a breath of fresh air into design of our buildings and homes.

Air Cleaning System By Lema

For more than 40 years, Lema has been the epitome of ‘Made in Italy’ aesthetic. Indeed, Lema’s unique strength lies in its extraordinary manufacturing ability and the relentless pursuit of excellence. The level of attention to details is praise-worthy, symbolic of the classic Italian craftsmanship. Lema products promise the customers a comfortable, cozy lifestyle.

Lema’s Air cleaning system is a stylish solution to our indoor air pollution problem. Lema understands that we spend a significant amount of time every day in outdoor environments. Therefore, bacteria, allergens, moulds, and other unhealthy particulate matter can easily contaminate our clothes and footwear. However, with Lema’s Air cleaning system, this is no longer a concern.

Even though it takes up little space, it produces significant results. Installed at the top of the closet, this system is able to decontaminate the air as well as get rid of the bacteria and and odors that emanate from footwear and clothes. More specifically, it uses nanotechnology and a special UV lamp to produce a photochemical reaction that would naturally destroy bacteria, odors and mould. As a result, Lema’s Air cleaning system can improve the indoor air quality substantially by sanitizing our wardrobe.

Photography credit: Lema

GUNRID curtains by IKEA

Today, IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer, well known for its Scandinavian style. IKEA’s unique strength lies in its flat-pack furniture, ready to be assembled by the customers. This model of business has brought about significant cost savings for the company, allowing it to offer affordable, well-designed, functional furniture to homes across the globe. This is in line with its grand vision of creating a better life for people.IKEA came up with an innovative solution to indoor air pollution recently – GUNRID. GUNRID is an air purifying curtain. When activated by light, it is able to break down common indoor air pollutants. In fact, the mineral based, photo catalyst coating reacts to both indoor and outdoor light.

Curtains have become a staple in many homes and offices. Therefore, utilizing curtains to improve the indoor air quality is a smart choice as it is a space-saving option and it makes our spaces aesthetic.

Photography credit: IKEA

Indoor plants

An inexpensive, easy solution to purify the air in your home is plants. They do not only add a lush green touch to your home environment but also turn it into a healthy living environment for your family.English Ivy is claimed to provide the most air purification out of all the house plants. In fact, it can even remove things such as fecal matter and pesticides from the air. Not to mention the elegant drape looks stunning with any interior.

Photography credit: Crocus

These exotic, graceful moth orchids are among the most highly coveted ornamental plants. In addition, they are pros when it comes to removing of xylene and toluene.

Photography credit: Frank Gallo

Rubber plants are great at cleansing the air by emitting high oxygen content. Furthermore, their smooth, thick and oblong leaves make them a great decoration to your home. If you take care of them well, they can shoot up to eight feet tall.

Photography credit: Crocus

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