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What is brass?

It is a timeless metal that adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any space. They are used for a vast amount of items, including: taps, door handles, light fittings, etc.Brass decorations can get very pricy sometimes. That said, they bring about visual effects comparable to gold, with a much easier price tag. Moreover, there are good gold tone styles that won’t leave a dent too big on your wallet.


There are lengthy things to talk about when brass is involved, but basically they can be break down into three main points:

  • Flexible, can be altered to desired forms easily.
  • Durable. Resist corrosion, wear, and spark.
  • Good range of colors.

That is why the material is used a lot in interior design. Their aesthetic qualities are simply undeniable for manufacturers and end-users alike. No doubt the world was obsessed with brass in 2017.

Great examples of brass use

Objects of Desire / Nabil Issa

The Remnants / Josh Carmody

19th century apartment / Kristina Lastauskaitė-Pundė

Brass Collection / Ghidini

Mixing your brass details with clean lines and a muted color palette should keep the look modern. The material adds a modern twist to your interior. Throw in a bit of green and you have the perfect balance.


Romain DUVAL