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About Fermob


A French outdoor furniture brand that merges creative spirit into the design process, Fermob has been working with established and up & coming designers from all walks of life for over 20 years. From Fermob’s factory in Thoissey, discover how technology and process are combined to produce high-quality furniture that is definitively made in France. Fermob’s commitment to the environment, know-how & production is revealed in furniture inspired by places and events, like the Luxembourg or Biarritz series as well as the 60s or 1900 chair, which highlight both the elegance and refinement of a philosophy just waiting to be discovered.

Design philosophy

Since 1953, Fermob has been designing and manufacturing outdoor furniture for relaxing and dining from its headquarters in Thoissey, France. Contemporary, durable and vibrantly colored, their designs are made from high quality recycled materials using an environmentally friendly production process. Well-constructed and popular, their outdoor furniture can be found in locations such as Times Square and the Google and Apple campuses.

Why FVA adores Fermob so much? Well, it’s clear that we have so many choice for outdoor furniture nowadays. Therefore, we favor things of great workmanship and aesthetically pleasing, in general. Fermob products tick all the boxes, and even more. Their durability, thanks to the 22-step process, is undoubtedly awesome, and Fermob’s R&D department blend the most appealing colors; they always have something for whatever style or mood you go for. Plus, you get to look good without hurting the environment!

Remarkable collections


Luxembourg is a fabulous collection made from aluminum whose watchwords are lightness, joie de vivre and conviviality.

Created in 1923, the SENAT chair and armchair that originally appeared in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris has become an icon of French style and heritage.

In 1990, when SENAT chair was showing wear and tear, the French Senate commissioned Fermob to become a supplier of the SENAT chairs to the Luxembourg and other Paris gardens.

Then in 2003, Fermob asked Frédéric Sofia to reinterpret the legendary chairs and armchairs of the Jardin du Luxembourg, created in 1923 in the Paris parks department workshops, and which Fermob still manufactures today for the city’s public gardens. The result was a whole collection of furniture with the same distinctive lines and forms, combining the lightness and resistance of aluminum with the comfort of curved seat slats.

fermob luxembourg 2fermob luxembourgfermob luxembourg 3


Romantic lines, hand-forged scrollwork using ancient crafts and techniques that make each item a unique piece of furniture: the 1900 range is a collection steeped in history that inspires poetry and intimacy. So, suspend time, listen to nature, read a book. etc. and picture yourself, cocooned between peace and pleasure.

fermob 1900fermob 1900 chair fermob 1900 full


Bistro items refresh your day with its distinctive chairs and 10 table formats to mix and match. Its typically French style has won fans in Times Square and Bryant Park in New York.

bistro fermobbistro fermob 2Tom pounce

The Bistro chair has been miniaturized, so that everyone – big and small – can enjoy it! It’s impossible not to fall for this “mini” Bistro, made from metal and available in a host of bright colors!

fermob pounce tom tom pounce fermob


An attractive colorful aluminum outside shower to cool you down in summer: your dreams have been brought to life with yet another example of Fermob’s considerable metal expertise being put to use in the design of outdoor furniture. This easygoing shower, with its tripod design, can be freely installed wherever you want. The only restriction is that it needs to be within reach of a water supply and a hosepipe.

fermob pasaia fermob pasaia 1
With Fermob, it is not too hard to liven up your space anymore. Their simple yet effective design and creative colors welcome a refreshing and intimate atmosphere. Fermob’s approach to outdoor furniture remind us of the very core purpose of these items. They are here to help us enjoy ourselves and each other’s company. A truly wonderful goal, especially the age of mass media and information overload.
Romain DUVAL