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What is Herzbach?

Herzbach is high-quality furniture and bathroom wares manufacturer in Germany. In over 60 years in business, Herzbach has developed a catalog of beautiful and innovative products that are trusted thanks to their durability and functions. They aim to be the high-end provider not just in Germany but around the world.FVA was astounded by the clean-cut designs that look minimalist on the surface but actually an awesome combination of precision and efficiency in one package. These products will make your bathroom feels more like… a room because of the simplicity and comfort that they bring. And who doesn’t like a good bath?


High functionality and state-of-the-art technology are Herzbach’s signature. The valves are therefore tested in factory quality tests for a service life of well over 15 years. In addition, Herzbach customer service assures you of a 10-year availability guarantee for spare parts – even after the series has been discontinued.

Customers will enjoy interesting technology like lighting for water spays or even a built in bluetooth speaker. You bathroom experience is richer than ever.

Herzbach products

Deep black

fva herbach 1

DEEP BLACK is the new black: noble, graceful and simply different. The elaborately matte coating complements perfectly with the inserted spouts and the high quality by manufacturing only one workpiece. This is exactly what makes DEEP BLACK a series for passionate individualists who appreciate first-class craftsmanship and innovative technology.


fva herbach 2

The Herzbach DESIGN iX series interprets the topic of stainless steel in its most beautiful form. The brushed stainless steel combines hygienic advantages with a modern, cool and incomparable aesthetics. Architecturally sophisticated and technically excellently implemented.

This series is nothing less than a high-tech for your bathroom and your kitchen, in which the characteristic design elements in all the individual elements were tastefully through-composed. A Herzbach premium series for the highest demands.

Stainless steel in its most beautiful forms can also be found in our LIVING SPA and LIVING SPA iX range: Excellent design compositions, perfect technology and breathtaking surfaces turn your bathroom into your own wellness landscape.


fva herbach 3fva herbach 4

The attractive coating is created in a vacuum PVD chamber, where a fine coating is applied by condensation to the brushed stainless steel surface. Thanks to this elaborate refinement, the three stunning surfaces are Copper Steel, Black Steel and Brass Steel.

The surface is not only visually attractive, but also resistant to scratches and cleaning agents. The overall sound results in a series that could not be more extravagant.

Dark bathroom inspiration

These beautiful creations from Herzbach look like they can fit any bathroom space but we would argue that they suit dark styled bathroom the most. You can find a few inspirations here.

We hope you will find some of them a fit for your bathroom space. The bathroom is one comfort space that should never be compromised. We all deserve a relaxing bath after a long day of work, and premium bathroom experience is something Herzbach products are built for.

Romain DUVAL