Alba Wellness Resort is a Vietnamese countryside property built on the very birthplace of a natural hot spring discovered since 1928 under the foot of Truong Son Mountains. Located 30km north of Hue City, this newly opened resort is nestled in a tranquil land cradled by tropical forest, hot & cold streams and a local lifestyle rich in Hue traditions.


Alba Wellness Resort



Total area

500 000 sqm

How The Project Was Received

Its a place where “holy grail” has shaped the land. Rivers have carved out the valley and water naturally springs from the earth in warm wells. FVA strive for transferring its magic into reality, through a series of wellness treatments and activities. We proposed the master plan to restore the ancient hotel & spa center while developed more facilities and activite area including restaurant & bar, onsen, yoga center, swimming pool, Alba farm, Alba craft village…Facilities are set in separate “wings” of the resort that wrap an onsen spa at the centre of the site. We work with an expert Japanese architect in order to design a true Japanese osen experience while featuring the fusion of Japanese and Vietnamese architecture. The building’s shape and therefore the experience of the spa are informed by the watersource. As customer progress through the stages of bathing, they are offered differing views across the changing landscape. All architecture and interior design idea are based upon the concept of five natural elements including Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. A palette of regional wood, bamboo, palm, stone and textiles comes in variety of finishes to celebrate local resources and traditions.

ARCHITECT: Romain Duval, Anh Vu, Minh Pham
LOOSE FURNITURE: Hanoia, Local Furniture