Ocean Van Minh eco city is FVA’s submission for a competition. Like every modern city, it has all the facilities needed for modern life such as: nurseries, education facilities, hospitals, etc.


Ocean Van Minh

Total area

1,070,000 sqm

How The Project Was Received

What makes Ocean Van Minh different from the rest is the fact that its architecture is blessed with such strong force of greenery.

A public center such as: education center, park, etc. is used as a joint for residential areas. This connects people and gives them a great sense of community. Of course, a healthy living environment cannot do without greenery.

Greenery and water are the main theme of the city. The use of plants and ‘water paths’ make Ocean Van Minh’s design consistent yet diversified. Our team’s idea was a design that looks like sophisticated paths for water to run down indefinitely. And that is also the theme of the design: connectedness and full of life.

The fact that plants are used generously on roofs and facades gives the city a modern but not ‘too modern’ vibe. Nature and technology do not clash here, they complete each other. We give this idea the name “Green Interference”.