Spaces World Plaza is situated in the Metro Manila area, Taguig City. The privileged location opens up endless possibilities for professionals that want to grow their business in one of the Philippines’ most thriving hubs for innovation.


Spaces World Plaza

Total area

2387 sqm

How The Project Was Received

Predictably, we went with a contemporary design prioritizing simplicity and pure co-working space experience.
Nature Oak from Pergo is responsible for the overall impression of the place. It turned out we have physiologically positive responses to wood, nature, and natural effects. Having wood as the dominant material should help ease stress and promote connection.
To achieve balance, neutral grey tones in fabrics and PU wood paint adds in a hint of industrial style and make the place more business-inclined. Classy even, one could say.
When you enter the newly refurbished workspace, your eyes are immediately drawn to the floor-to-ceiling windows – creating a source of natural light as a continuous boost for productivity. Work anyway you want to in our designer offices, creative meeting rooms and inspirational business clubs.
Be on top of your game from the penthouse rooftop, which doesn’t only offer stunning panoramic views of the big city buzz, but it also offers endless inspiration.