Spaces Atocha is Madrid’s newest vibrant working environment. It exudes a calmness that is not laid back and all the friendliness needed to bring people together. A standard but well thought co-working experience awaits.
Perfectly situated in the Triangle of Art, Spaces Atocha is within a 15 minute walk from various museums, so there’s always something inspiring to do after a long meeting.


Spaces Atocha



Total area

3359 sqm

How The Project Was Received

D&P Associates developed a full co-working space experience within the vast 3359 sqm provided. Our team went with a contemporary design, with noticeably spaciousness and abundant natural light. The dominant material is, unsurprisingly, wood to create a warm, inviting ambiance. Wood is usually our go to choice for co-working spaces for its ability to take modern shapes while being a gentle reminder of nature.

Spaces Atocha has everything you would look for in a co-working space. The reception area makes mark with a gray aluminum board as a separator. Step inside and you will feel immediately welcomed with the consistent use of the warm color palette.

Sweet tones of wood and clean white desks from Arper and Kristalia in shared area keep the space bright and encouraging. To switch the mood, certain parts use matte desk with pink-ish hue and fun orange chairs from Arper, which implies a lighthearted, youthful feeling. Colors get playful in the meeting booths as architects use changing pastel tones of pink and blue on sofas.

The meeting room uses matte black tables in contrast with the relatively bright interiors and white walls. What different here is, instead of standing walls, we utilized glass and thin curtains to achieve both privacy and connectedness.

Then there is the library, which is as spacious as the rest of the of Spaces Atocha, with good insulation and minimalist shelves from Hay so guests can focus on what is important. Overall, the calm, cheering space is well lit under elegant pendent lighting. Whether you’re looking for office space, a quick meeting room, or just a place to plug in your laptop and work, you’ll feel right at home.