Located at the proud Mipec Tower on Tay Son street, the Petrolimex Aviation Office was tailored by FVA with great ambition to be an industry leading design. Being the second aviation fuel supplier in Vietnam, Petrolimex Aviation’s Board of Director wants to bring the company’s culture and brand identity into the office architecture.


Petrolimex Aviation Office



Total area

1100 sqm

How The Project Was Received

Our core idea is to embody the Petrolimex’s trademark to the aesthetically pleasing and functional layout. The architects used two signature colours that reflect the theme of Petrolimex. Orange symbolises an oil drop, while the dark blue represents the ocean. Our team carefully projects traits of the brand to every choice of decoration, colour, pattern, and material.

The design concept is a modern one that leaves a dynamic and positive impression. The architects divided the area to efficiently provide space and facility for each specific need, such as the Board of Director’s Room, worker’s office, meeting room, open spaces, pantry, etc.

Every room has a distinctive design and material choice in order to give the correct vibe. Luxurious materials which are lacquerware, leather, marble, and wood are fully utilized. Well aware that the reception and waiting area are vital places to display the company’s signature features, the oversized lacquered panel and the pendant lighting guarantee to arouse visitors’ appreciation of their surroundings. Finally, the art wall, which illustrates Petrolimex’s timeline, emerges as the focal point to serve as a lighthearted reminder of the company’s important milestones.

LOCATION:6th Floor, Mipec Tower, 229 Tay Son, Hanoi
ARCHITECT: Tuan Pham, Anh Vu, Tuan Nguyen