Located at the heart of Melbourne, Spaces Rialto is in a building that defines the city’s skyline. This business district is characterized by a mixture of multistory buildings, shops, restaurants, and entertainment. FVA designed the ground, first and the second floor of the building to turn 2580 sqm into fully equipped private and shared workspaces as well as entertainment and relaxing areas.





Total area

2580 sqm

How The Project Was Received

The architect team worked closely with Spaces to establish branding for the office. This enables us to achieve consistency throughout the project, which revolves around a contemporary industrial design with open, bright, and connected corridors.

The cool tone of wood makes the place look fresh, light, airy, and goes beautifully with the grey ductwork. Then, hints of red and green as the accent colors in the office help create lively surroundings, which is needed to lighten up one’s mood.

The board room is decorated with a love shelf filled with art, which is then illuminated by the elegant pendant lighting when it is not showered with natural light through glass walls. In similar ways, glass is utilized in other areas such as the meeting booth, working areas, and especially the coffee bar to liven up the calm surroundings. Also, even though natural light plays a key part in this design, the place does not shy away when night approaches. Various kinds of pendant lighting are selected to set the right mood for each area, each tends to have pale and light colors to harmonize with the furniture’s bright tone. To wrap it up, Spaces Rialto is an ideal workplace from day til night.

LOCATION: 525, Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia
ARCHITECT: Romain Duval, Hanh Le, Minh Pham, Dat Nguyen