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About Noi That magazine

Noi That is the website of Nội Thất Magazine with 45,000 copies published every month. Their mission if to deliver remarkable designs to architects and beauty appreciators alike. 
Noi That also share tips on how to plan a functional and beautiful living space, which regards matters such as: feng shui, design trends, flower arrangement, etc. All that information are greatly relevant to the lives of Vietnamese people.

Publication of Spaces Belvedere on Noi That mag

We are very honored to have our first Spaces project in Hanoi feature on the page. As the rise of freelance work and small companies grow, the demand for inspiring co-working spaces increases as well. For this reason, IWG has brought their very first co-working space to Hanoi – Spaces Belvedere. For this project, our architects went for a modern look but with a cozy, homely feel.

People seeking co-working spaces are often freelancing in the hopes of avoiding cubicle offices and monotone spaces. That is why our team furnished the place with sleek, minimalist furnitures. Rich in features and vibrant in colors.
Greenery is one of our priorities while arranging the space. Plants are placed generously so guests will feel more relaxed and have something nice to turn to every now and then. The whole space should feel more friendly overall.
Working from home as opposed to a co-working space can be hampering, as there is no scenery change or separation between home and work, which can lead to feelings of isolation and creative blocks. That is why we aim for a cozy, relaxing co-working place that makes guests feel at home but not exactly at home. All in all, FVA has completed a modern workplace that is not only beautiful but also functional.
We are grateful to be featured on Noi That magazine. We hope our work can be of service to others as well as inspiration for the co-working office scene in Vietnam.
Romain DUVAL