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To Agape, that bathroom is not only a functional space, it is the emotional centre Under Agape’s expert guidance the bathroom shifts from functional space to emotional centre of the home, becoming a dynamic and rejuvenating environment devoted to personal wellbeing.


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Established in 1973 by the Benedini family in Verona and subsequently relocated to Mantua, Agape owes much of its aesthetics, innovation and passion to its crucial geographical position between Milan, Veneto and Emilia. Founded with the vocation of creating new ways of interpreting the bathroom, the company today sets a benchmark for contemporary furniture.

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Agape’s selling point

Since its beginning, an innate talent for design combined with a desire for exchange and dialogue with the very best in Italian manufacture have made Agape one of the most interesting examples of the Made in Italy brand.

In other words, the diversity and consistency in design play a great part in establishing Agape’s reliability. Over time the company has established an extensive network of partnerships with industries and craftsmen with whom they share a passion for quality and innovation. The fact that they are always willing to listen and improve is almost enough to keep them relevant.

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The company has won numerous major awards, among which the Design Plus. It been selected on numerous occasions for the Compasso d’ Oro ADI including, in 2014, a mention for the Plus furniture system and the Nivis washbasin. These products will be on display at the XXIII edition of the award in Milan.


For 40 years Agape has helped lead the way in bathroom evolution. Its iconic products such as Spoon and Ottocento by Benedini Associati have become milestones in contemporary décor. Today, leading designers are putting their names to pieces that are already design classics, such as the Vieques bathtub by Patricia Urquiola and the Bjhon washbasins, conceived in 1970 by Angelo Mangiarotti and currently made in marble, stone and the innovative and eco-sustainable material, Cristalplant® biobased.

However, this post will only focus on the bathtub category.


Vieques takes its name form a small and immaculate island in the Caribbean Sea: a project that fascinates by the contrast between inspiration – homage to the old tubs of past times in ready made style – and the sophisticated realization.

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Vieques XS

A smaller version of the Vieques bathtub by Patricia Urquiola, a contemporary restyling of the old-fashioned bath tub. Still made, painted white (RAL9003) with dark grey exterior (RAL7021). Backrest and shelf in highquality iroko.


The project is the result of  Patricia Urquiola’s thorough knowledge of materials and production processes. Cuna features thermoformed Solid Surface and tubular stainless steel structure.

This small and compact bathtub proudly displays its structure emphasizing its delicately rounded shapes.


The first project in collaboration with Marcio Kogan and Studio MK27. DR is a flexible tub for two. To quote the designers, “The intention is to create a friendly, sensual and charismatic object. The smooth, flowing lines of DR offer great versatility. Take your place, and welcome!”

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In-Out marble

A new solution in marble by Benedini Associati has been added to the In-Out bathtub range. The shape and size of the bathtub have been designed for use in an upright position. High-performance adhesives and perfectly sized components mean multiple pieces can be joined to create one large-scale bathtub. Instead of being concealed, the joints have been highlighted to emphasise the technical aspect of the steel profile which becomes a decorative feature. Made of white Carrara marble (MC) or Nero Marquinia marble (NM), other types of marble and stone are available on request.

Spoon M

Spoon M by Benedini Associati is the latest station in a more than twenty year long evolution of the Agape bathtub through form, matter and size, tirelessly iterating and refining the underlying concepts over and over again.

Romain DUVAL