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Hanoia is one illustrious furniture and decor items maker in Vietnam. They take inspiration from the Vietnamese culture and embody that essence in their craft and creations. Hanoia’s distinctive feature, and also their selling point, is their expertise in lacquerware.

They relies on the passion of its craftsmen and designers to build their own lacquerware expression. Hanoia was first established in 1997 in Binh Duong Province, near Saigon, in the historical lacquer village since the 14th century.

As history advances, their style also grew more diverse, featuring East meets West. It is this very combination that let us explore ancient Vietnamese culture in contemporary colors, shapes, patterns and techniques.

Unique features

The art of lacquerware

hanoia product art lacquerware

Dating back several thousand years in Chinese history, the art of lacquer can claim to be one of the most ancient and venerable expressions of Asian culture. The traditional techniques of lacquer were naturally conveyed along the many trade routes that linked China with its neighbor and rapidly spread to other Asian countries including Vietnam.

Each Hanoia product is a worthy gift as it has gone through many manual stages which require the patience, the concentration and the skills of craftsmen. By creating a rich palette and unique lacquer techniques, they have Hanoia products personality and a sense of individualism.

hanoia product craft

The original Vietnamese lacquer craft is extreme manual labour, intensive and time-consuming work. Today, adapting to the pacing of modern life, some traditional materials (natural wood, lacquer resin) have been changed to the new ones (MDF, industrial paints), but the meticulous lacquering process remains intact.

Culture-rich items

Thriving on its unique know-how for quality lacquer and its sophisticated design featuring East meets West, Hanoia is now developing its own branded collections and looking at niche markets such as high-end souvenirs, trendy, luxury decorative objects and corporate gifts. With its two workshops in the North and in the South, Hanoia is recognized as one of the largest lacquer manufacturers in Vietnam conforming to the European REACH certificate of compliance (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).

Outstanding products

Hanoia, formerly Thien Hong, was originally a traditional craftsmanship workshop that is slowly treading toward oblivion. However, it was acquired by Openasia and was rebranded to Hanoia, offering the same products but in a higher end category. 

FVA was a supportive partner during the launch of Hanoia. We partnered with Richard Akar to open the store/showroom in Trang Tien. Therefore, we had the privilege to visit the workshop and were amongst the first to witness their first collection in production.  

The idea for this furniture line had been harbored for a few years before it saw realization just last month. 


The elegance that comes from the table legs, contour and edges is in harmony with the exquisite beauty of the lacquered table surface featuring the unique scratch sanding effect.

hanoia product3hanoia product 4


The stylized ring shape is extremely new in this design, making Table “Novelty” not only unique but also sweet and romantic. The carpentry craft has become an art.

hanoia product 5hanoia product 6


With the round shape stimulating the sky and the excellent mother-of-pearl inlay technique, Coffee table “Mystery” boasts the mysterious beauty of the galaxy.

hanoia product 7hanoia product 8


Featuring an Oriental charm with elegant lines and soft curves, Lamp “Nostalgy” reminds the romance of a bygone era.hanoia product 9

hanoia product 10


With soft H-shaped curves and high-level sculpting techniques, Chair “Sturdy”is highlighted by a beautiful lacquered piece on the back, featuring the fantastic contrast between the softness and hardness, the slenderness and steadiness.

hanoia product 11hanoia product 12Verdict

Inspired by the secrets of Vietnamese lacquer tradition, Hanoia has cherished a desire to bring this art form closer to the daily life, through a variety of products ranging from home décor to jewelry. Featuring a harmonious blend between West and East, modern and traditional, each piece of work is high-quality, functional, contemporary and encompasses the rich culture of Vietnam.

If you are looking for an elegant piece to liven up your space, Hanoia has loads of option for that.

Romain DUVAL