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About the company

Led by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen, molo is a design and production studio based in Vancouver, Canada. Balancing between realms of art, design and architecture, molo’s projects are grounded in space making and range in scale from tea set to museum.

Unique feature

Products stem from Forsythe + MacAllen’s architectural explorations. They are inspired by the concept of smaller, tactile objects having true potency in the experience of a space. By working across a range of sizes, Forsythe + MacAllen discover how furniture can heighten the sense of human scale and experience in architecture, or how furniture and product design can benefit from thinking in the larger context of place and space making.

What set Molo apart is their interesting choice of material and utilizing method. Molo products form shapes by using layers of paper or textile structured with flexible honeycomb geometry. This makes them all so easy to fit into spaces or expand for various needs.

Notable products


Paper softwall

Softwall is a freestanding space partition with the flexibility to be shaped in any curved or linear formation. When stored compressed, the folding wall shrinks to the thickness of a book. It expands to an impressive 15′ (4.5m) long, or any length between. Made from layers of paper structured with flexible honeycomb geometry, the walls are a new building material—relinquishing notions of rigid space making in favour of sustainable design to accommodate change over time and responsible material use.

Textile softwall

The wall can be arranged as a room divider to absorb sound and delineate visual privacy or create a striking backdrop for an event or performance. As a modular system, each softwall + softblock has magnetic end panels that connect these flexible building blocks to create longer partitions and immersive, sculptural installations.


Urchin softlight

Using flexible honeycomb geometry, the textile shade expands and morphs into myriad shapes as you manipulate it with your hands. Its elastic movement and shifting form are akin to that of a sea creature, giving the luminary its unique name.

Cloud softlight

The shades are made from a tear- and dust-resistant textile that has the delicate appearance of Japanese washi. When illuminated from within by integrated LEDs, the material transmits light as a gentle glow.


Softseating fanning stool + bench
Softseating furniture fans into a generous pouf for lying down or sitting. Its sculptural quality is striking as an individual seating piece or as part of a larger, grouped installation.
Softseating lounger
Made from structured paper or textile, the honeycomb geometry grants the modest materials surprising strength—easily supporting people and four-legged friends.
Molo products are a wonderful addition to green design enthusiasts. The delicate, sophisticated yet so elegant look offer flexibility to minimalist styled spaces. They are also surprisingly durable. A worthwhile investment, indeed.
Romain DUVAL