Ngoc Thuy Residence is a bijou complex of 3 independent villas built for private residential and rental purposes, located in lane 437 of Ngoc Thuy street. The design brief requires optimized function and area while making the most of the fresh & cool air that the “Duong” River brings to provide its occupants with a pleasant living environment.


Ngoc Thuy Residence



Total area

863 sqm

How The Project Was Received

The first challenge FVA faced was that the project’s location is on a plot of about 84sqm of land with a diagonal façade and a 2.5 sqm arc-shaped alley as the single entrance. Upon analyzing the site, FVA came up with a solution to break the land boundary by, setting back the two outer villas’ facade to create a wide & neat common entrance enough for circulation, and make a striking & airy frontage for the whole project.

Our next challenge was to optimize the function and area of this high-density construction project to fully meet three families’ needs and provide them with a green, nature-filled living experience. FVA achieved this by cleverly arranging function rooms with just enough area to allow space for the lightwells & gardens connecting the villas. Each villa has bedrooms on the upper floors with a bathroom, restroom, and working area, while the ground floor includes the living room, kitchen, dining room, warehouse, garage, and restroom. Our design’s strong statement is the outdoor terrace in the middle of the lightwell, which performs perfectly as a shared living space for the occupants to enjoy their time together when the weather is pleasant. Besides this, the buildings’ stepped back rhythm of alternating vertical and horizontal volumes helps create plenty of openings so the occupants can approach the greenery, natural light & fresh air from wherever they are in the house.

The highlight of our exterior design for Ngoc Thuy Residence lies in the contrasting effect of color, texture & architectural blocks. The brown wood-imitation stamped concrete’s roughness at the edge of vertical and horizontal rectangles is especially prominent when placed next to smooth surfaces with gray paint. Thanks to its high aesthetics and ventilating effect, wind-brick is used as the primary material for the rear exterior surface, bringing a sense of closeness to nature and is reminiscent of traditional Vietnamese architectural values.

For the interior, FVA took the inspiration from the ‘Bespoke’ style which focuses on detail and precision by delivering every aspect of the project, down to the smallest individual specification the client desires to create an ‘exclusive’ interior design style to highlight the homeowner’s distinct personality. Every piece of furniture and equipment was carefully textured & patterned. Every material and color was selected to suit the client’s space, needs, and interests. Overall, we created a luxurious look for this project’s interior, thanks to its unique design.