Situated in the booming Zhongshan District, Spaces Hung Sheng is connected to the MRT Nanjing Fuxing subway station, while the closest bus station – Nanjing and Longjiang intersection is 100m away. To make full use of such an advantageous location, FVA was requested to turn the 2413 sqm into Taipei’s number one choice of co-working office.


Spaces Hung Sheng



Total area

2413 sqm

How The Project Was Received

Visitors of Spaces Hung Sheng are freelancers, start-ups, and small businesses who need a place that meets their creative needs. It would be best to go with the contemporary industrial design with light-filled, flexible open areas. The goal is to create a home office but away from home. We curated minimalistic interiors with a warm color palette in mind and made wood, the “material that makes people happy”, a dominant material.

As we wanted as many open plans as possible, spaces are divided by wooden bookcases from Alki. Which also serves as an ideal storage and display solution. Various sophisticated decoration, from paintings of iconic figures to plant pots, inhabit these bookcases to provide some healthy distractions. It is worth noting that the soft seating room boasts the soothing bamboo pendant lighting from Ay Illuminate. The slight Asian touch should help tone down the stress and anxiety from work. Other safer choices include more elegant, modern options from Tooy, &tradition, etc.

Furniture from Alki, Viccabre, and a handful of others have this fashionable but not too industrial look that they make us lose touch with nature. Rounded corners and clean-cut edges make for an inviting, simple, and clean look. They are favored according to the warm color palette for consistency. The design also includes a lovely bar counter made from local materials to elevate the calm mood. We believe a hassle-free, open bar is vital for a desirable co-working space. It emerges like an oasis in the middle of a desert. Visitors should have no trouble looking for a drink.

Also, an elegant staircase is used to connect the business club to the reserved working space on the 1st floor instead of a lifeless elevator. In a nutshell, visitors of Space Hung Sheng may expect a cozy, homely yet professional working space.