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FVA collection features a series of brands that we love. This is a curated selection of our favorite brands as well as brands that we enjoy working with.

We discovered Windfall when we encountered their stunning collection Serene, which will be elaborated later on. We hope FVA collection will inspire you as much as it inspires us to strive for excellence in our designs.

About Windfall

Windfall, or rather the “Jewellers of Light”, is the world’s finest source of contemporary crystal chandeliers. In 2004, Clarissa Dorn and Roel Haagmans started the firm in a passionate pursuit of creating chandeliers that spark, charm and touch souls. This passion is translated into their work, which has redefined the concept of lighting in this modern age.

Founders of Windfall – Clarissa Dorn and Roel Haagmans

Even though Windfall is still young, it has made great strides. Today, countless homes, palaces and hotels are adorned by Windfall exceptional chandeliers. Chandeliers are classy. They are the light, the life of the room. They can transform the most minimalist space into an awe-inspiring one. Windfall’s crystal chandelier collections are the true manifestation of timeless beauty.

Featured Windfall families


The Serene collection curated by Windfall is classic with a twist, a new approach on modern chandeliers as described by Roel Haagmans. It is an unexpected, pleasant collaboration between Windfall and Lalique. Lalique has made headlines since its inception 130 years ago as it constantly churns out timeless creations that follow French standards of beauty. In this collection, beautiful, iconic Lalique designs from the Orient Express and the traditional Dahlia motive with its many delicate petals encircling a central core represent the treasured cultural heritage. Therefore, this family of chandliers is a perfect marriage of the East and the West, of the past and the future. These crystal prisms add a glamorous touch to any interior space, be it a dining room or a hallway. Most importantly, their unique designs make them the statement decoration pieces that will take everyone’s breath away.

Flower and Eden

This is a color feast to the eyes. Gorgeous drops of crystal in a multitude of colors combine to form delicate crystal flowers. The feminine colors such as sweet lavender or light peach soften the hard edges of the crystal. The kaleidoscope of light created by these multicolored Flower and Eden chandeliers also induce a playful effect on the walls.

With the freedom to choose the colors for your flowers, the possibilities are endless. These exquisite flower crystals either cascade down from the ceiling like a waterfall (Flower) or are attached to the metal branches that intertwine with one another to form a magnificent garden floating in the air (Eden). Moreover, the metal branches also come in different colors – silver, copper or gold to suit different interiors.


These flying chandeliers are the true embodiment of freedom. The vintage feel comes from mouth blown gold- or silver- plated glass candles that drop down from the ceiling, like divine stars from the sky. The modern spirit encapsulated in these chandeliers is juxtaposed with the classic touch that is reminiscent of historic palaces. These Balances look magnificent above a dining table, making a great candle-lit dinner indeed. Moreover, they also look stunning along the hallways or descending in multiple staircases.

Photography credit: Windfall

Romain DUVAL